Travel together

Plan multi-person trips no matter how far away you are. Make lasting memories with people you share interests.



Invite people and plan your next trip as a group, no matter the distance. Collaborate in real-time and build your next journey.



Find the best way to reach your meeting point, depending on your context. Choose your options and let the system give you the best path.



Experiment and live meaningful moments together. Share, vote, and schedule without wasting time planning when every minute matters.

Organize trips with your group. Simple. Zero overhead

Plan the journey together.

  • Create a group and invite people that join you.
  • Set a destination and schedule the trip.
  • See the options your group takes to reach the rendezvous point.
  • Follow your group location at any time.
Organize trips
Reach your destination

Reach your destination tailored to your requirements

Depending on your location, group, and options.

  • Specify the options that fit your needs.
  • Search for departure airports for your destination and location.
  • Access the best prices from our partners.
  • Complete path from departure to destination.

A profoundly collaborative experience when in location

Save time to enjoy the moment.

  • Instant path to join your group when lost.
  • Propose and vote for activities you want to do.
  • Schedule your experiences during your stay.
  • Automatically track moments with your group.
A profoundly collaborative experience

Live memorable experiences. Together.